3 Year Bachelor of Arts Degrees

3 Year Bachelor of Arts Degrees

The typical North American high school curriculum prepares college-bound students for a four-year bachelor’s degree program. However, many international school systems prepare qualified high school students for the three-year bachelor’s degree program. For this reason, Global University offers 3 three-year bachelor of arts programs through national offices: Bible and Theology, Christian Education, and Intercultural Studies. The student should contact his or her national office to find out if the three-year program is offered in his or her country.

To be accepted into one of these three-year bachelor’s programs, (a) the student must complete the application process, (b) the student must have graduated from a qualifying international educational system that endorses the three-year bachelor’s degree program, and (c) the student must have “A” level certificates or the equivalent.

The curricula for the 96-credit three-year bachelor of arts degrees are given below. A minimum of 32 credits earned through Global University courses is required, 15 of which must be in the student’s major.

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