School of Evangelism

School of Evangelism

School of Evangelism and Services courses provide sound teaching in the Word of God and are the basis for biblical training in many countries around the world.

These courses are used by individuals, small groups, Sunday School classes, Bible schools, and by pastors and lay-people. And all these believers have one goal in mind: to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. Global University has evangelism, discipleship, and training resources in multiple languages at no cost. However, there will be minimum cost for us to print the material and administration expenses

  • Christian Life
  • Christian Services

Vocational qualification

IAG Academy also provides vocational qualifications in the following area

  • Leadership and Mission
  • Premarital Counselling
  • Finance and Administration
  • Language Studies

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  • “I cannot explain how blessed I am every time I open the School of Biblical Evangelism and study. I have pastored for almost eleven years and have never been to Bible school. Until now! Thank you so much for this great work.”

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