The Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology exists to serve those who seriously desire a biblical and theological education. Whether your goal is to obtain a Bible college degree, complete a second degree, or study for personal enrichment, the School of Bible and Theology is uniquely positioned to serve you through distance learning methods.

We offer complete undergraduate programs in English as well as Spanish and French. Our accredited degree programs may be completed entirely by distance – at your pace and on your schedule.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees (128 credits) in:

The curricula for the bachelor of arts degrees require a total of 128 credit hours. A minimum of 32 credit hours must be earned through courses taken directly with Global University. Fifteen credit hours must be completed in the student’s major area of study. Students who plan to continue their studies in graduate school or seminary are strongly advised to complete Greek courses.

Three-Year Bachelor of Arts Degrees (96 credits) in:

(For students in a qualifying international education system)

The typical North American high school curriculum prepares college-bound students for a four-year bachelor’s degree program. However, many international school systems prepare qualified high school students for the three-year bachelor’s degree program. For this reason, Global University offers 3 three-year bachelor of arts programs through national offices: Bible and Theology, Christian Education, and Intercultural Studies. The student should contact his or her national office to find out if the three-year program is offered in his or her country.

To be accepted into one of these three-year bachelor’s programs, (a) the student must complete the application process, (b) the student must have graduated from a qualifying international educational system that endorses the three-year bachelor’s degree program, and (c) the student must have “A” level certificates or the equivalent.

The curricula for the 96-credit three-year bachelor of arts degrees are given below. A minimum of 32 credits earned through Global University courses is required, 15 of which must be in the student’s major.

Second Bachelor of Arts Degrees (50 credits) in:

Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree may enroll with Global University to study for a second bachelor of arts degree. Please note the admission requirements for this program stated in the Undergraduate Program “Objectives and Design” section.

Global University assumes the previous major will normally have been in a field unrelated to Christian ministry. However, if the student’s educational background includes some courses in Bible, theology, intercultural studies, or church ministry relevant to the selected major, it may be possible to transfer some of these credits. A total of 50 credits is required with a minimum of 32 credits earned through Global University courses, 15 of which must be in the student’s major.

Diplomas in Ministry and Theology (64/96 credits) in:

The Diploma in Theology requires 96 credit hours, and the Diploma in Ministry requires 64 credit hours. The diploma programs are courses of study that can be completed in a two- or three-year period. Diploma courses can be used to meet bachelor of arts degree requirements, but this approach is not recommended.

Associate of Arts Degrees (64 credits) in:

The curricula for the associate of arts degrees require a minimum of 64 credit hours. No fewer than 32 credit hours must be earned through courses taken directly with Global University.

Certificate Programs (18/32 credits) in:

The certificate programs provide basic training in specific areas of Christian ministry and service. Each certificate program includes courses drawn from the degree credit program. Students who wish to study for credit but do not wish to embark on a full degree program are encouraged to begin with a certificate program of their choice.

The certificate programs provide specific and basic education in particular areas of need and are designed to enhance students’ skills in communicating the Christian message. Students may enroll in a series of subjects that satisfy a particular interest. All courses taken as part of a certificate may be applied toward a degree. All courses must be completed through enrollment in Global University courses.


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